Information services business

Information services business

DSK Offers These Integrated Services

An integrated data-processing services company, DSK's range of services includes business proposals, systems engineering and development, the procurement of hardware that optimizes the construction of systems environment, and the operation and maintenance of the systems.

In order to provide our clients with complete service, DSK's Data Services unit includes these four divisions.

Data Processing Services

These include ;

  • maintenance and operation for sales and management-accounting systems,
  • the outsourcing of data processing, from data-entry to data agglomeration, analysis, and processing, and
  • providing data centers with protection via our disaster-prevention facility.

Systems Solutions

We develop the best solutions for our clients - we customize these solutions to each client's needs and provide specialized engineers when required.
Our clients can outsource on-site maintenance and operation services to our reliable personnel.
We also offer services from our IT research centre, which serves consumer-market businesses with consulting and R&D services in regard to communication and security technologies.

Systems Integration Services

These include ;

  • optimized systems construction that we develop tailored to our clients' needs - their application systems can be either our products or custom-made, and we install them to the appropriate systems or office equipment, and
  • providing office equipment and procurement and sales systems according to our clients' requirements - we can combine all services seamlessly, which enables us to assist our clients in every aspect of their businesses.

Sales & Office Supplies

DSK handles Procurement and sales of office supplies, fitting to the customer's needs. Doing so enables DSK to combine stages into one smooth one stop service for the client.

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