Payment agency servises business

Payment agency servises business

DSK considers its integrated payment solution to be an indispensable part of Japan's social infrastructure. Our task is to ensure flawless settlements and to provide integrated settlement services.

Making payments at convenience stores has become a part of our daily lives in Japan. DSK was the first company in the private sector to rationalize this service.

Payment Acceptance Service

People in Japan have paid bills in cash at banks and post offices for a long time within the limited office hours. Densan is the pioneer in developing an integrated payment solution that allows customers to do this at any time, day or night via convenient stores as well as credit card payment.

We currently have contracts with 17 convenience-store chains nationwide, including Japan's four biggest ones, as well as with Japan Post bank, which adds up to 68,000 payment counters nationally.

Most convenience stores accept over-the-counter payments for mail-order shopping, online shopping debits, utility bills, such mobile downloads as ringtones, games, and applications, credit-card bills, telephone bills, national health insurance premiums, and many other kinds of bills - and DSK has pioneered to unify this convenience-store bar-coded receiving-agent service and credit card payment.

In order to ensure security, DSK was one of the first companies to introduce the segregated management of receiving payments using a money trust, a system that completely protects customers' payments. As it allows people many ways of payment, the solution is provided as "Payment Acceptance Service"

Pay anytime in anyway

Pay anytime in anyway

A Regional Network of Convenience Stores - DSK's strength

A Regional Network of Convenience Stores - DSK's strength

* What DSK does ;

  • DSK aggregates and processes information for convenience stores.
  • DSK processes information for small-to-medium-size mail-order mail order companies.
  • DSK blue-lines the relationships between small-to-medium-size mail-order companies and both large and small convenience-store chains.
  • DSK red-lines the relationships between major mail-order companies and small-to-medium-size
  • DSK provides total solutions for integrated settlement services.

Mobile Payment Service

We then created the "Mobarai DSK" or DSK mobile payment service in order to cater to Japan's diverse lifestyles, as NFC based e-money has long been a common part of our daily lives.

This service allows consumers to make payments whenever they want through their mobile phones - and the Japanese public has received it with warm appreciation.

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