Corporate Policy

New Value - Innovation

DSK's innovative techniques and knowhow will take you to a whole new level.

Our assets are the knowledge, which we have gained from our experience, and our highly skilled employees.

With these as our foundation, we are evolving further as a service provider who creates solutions and as an innovator of new business models.

We aspire to play a major instrumental role in this field and to make contributions to our society's innovativeness.

DSK's overall goal is to be the best solution provider possible.

DSK's Company Philosophy

We are proud of our independence, autonomy, and innovativeness.

DSK's Management Philosophy

Our mission statement announces that our mission is to create delightful experiences for our customers, dreams for our employees, and satisfaction for our shareholders.

DSK's Management Principles

Challenge - Innovation - Speed

DSK's Code of Conduct

Take swift action with enormous aspirations and enthusiasm.

DSK's Management Motto

Our task is to innovate new values into existence.

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