Corporate History

Corporate History

The original company was incorporated in March 1967 as "Gifu Electronic Calculation Center" (capital 20 million yen), founded by four local banks and several private companies to improve data processing management for companies and organizations in Gifu Prefecture. In 1974, our innovative "Online Real-time Service" cut-in attracted attention for using state-of-the-art technology and the company grew to become a nationwide solution provider with a new name, "Densan System Co. Ltd." (or DSK), while capital was increased to JPY 30 million in 1977. Today we are one of the most successful companies in the IT industry, providing integrated IT solutions in e-commerce, payment, medical, dental, and various industries, with increased capital of JPY 998,013,000 (USD 12 million) and further acquired companies.

Corporate Milestones

1967 Gifu Electronic Calculation Center is incorporated to manage local data processing.
1974 Online Real-time Service cut-in.
1977 Renamed to Densan System Co.,Ltd. (capital: JPY 30 millions).
1978 Awarded by Japanese Ministry of Trade and Industry for promoting data processing technologies regionally and nationwide.
1982 Started providing POS online service.
Introducing trading data exchanging system for chain stores, which serve as a stepping stone to VAN(Value-Added-Network).
1984 Ministry of Post, Telephone and Telegram accepted officially us as the VAN provider.
1985 Certified as the first "Computer System Security Measurement Office" by the Ministry of Trade and Industry in Gifu Prefecture.
1986 Opened Tokyo Office and Osaka Branch Office.
1990 System Engineering Corporation as a group company in Takayama City, Gifu, funded with local 15 companies.
1994 Capital raised to JPY 300 millions.
1995 ETOS for Windows (Net Ware compatible) "BE 52 Win" released.
1996 Started ISP service "alato-Internet".
1997 Payment Acceptance Service (payment receiving agent solution for convenience stores) launched as the pioneer in Japan.
1998 Opened Ogaki Techno Center.
1999 System Ic Co.,Ltd.(consolidated subsidiary) incorporated.
2000 Certified as "System Integrator" by Ministry of Economics, Trade and Industry.
2003 Certified and registered as the security management service provider for ISMS registered e-commerce trading companies.
2005 Certified and Granted to use the PrivacyMark by JIPDEC.
2007 Allocation of new shares to third parties, the capital increased to JPY 642,288,000.
Certified and registered as ISO/IEC Management System.
2008 Listed on the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and on the second section of the Nagoya Stock Exchange.
The capital increased to JPY998,013,000.
2009 Opened DSK-IDC, the data center with the highest technologies for earthquake resistance, seismic isolation and disaster prevention.
2010 Tokyo Headquarters moved to Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
Acquired Softteks Co.,Ltd. (HQ:Miyagi Prefecture)
Acquired NetWork And System Fabricative Agency Inc. (HQ: Tokyo)
2011 Registered as the fund transfer service provider. (#00001 by Tokai Local Finance Bureau)
Started domestic remittance service "DSK Smart Remittance" as the fund transfer service provider.
2012 Started international remittance service through convenience stores in the alliance with Western Union.
Listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and on the first section of the Nagoya Stock Exchange.
2013 Opened Tohnou Data Center "T-IDC".
2014 The capital increased to JPY 1,220,485,000.
Acquired Garden Network, Ltd. (HQ: Tokyo)
2016 Concluded Memorandum of Agreement with CIS Bayad Center of the Philippines.
Acquired Goga, Inc. (HQ: Tokyo)
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