CEO Message

CEO Message

CEO Message

Our main objective is to form a strong organization based on these three management principles.

The destruction of established values is essential for the process of creation. It is important for us to act swiftly, to think innovatively, and to accept challenges in order to keep growing as a company in our rapidly changing environment.

Representative Director, Chairman Masanao Miyachi

DSK's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Masanao Miyachi says that the company made Challenge - Innovation - Speed the company's main management principles because they are the best guideposts for realizing our mission of providing delightful experiences for our customers, dreams for our employees, and satisfaction for our shareholders.

He goes on to state confidently that he believes creative destruction is an important concept for businesses that intend to grow.

"We aim to be an innovative company," he asserts, "and destroying established values is essential for innovation."

"Since it's crucial for these two actions to take place simultaneously, we made challenge, innovation, and speed our management principles, as they encourage us to try, change, and act decisively."

"Rapid, decisive action is vital. My experiences have taught me that when people feel that they can't overcome their competitors the problem is one of swiftness."

"If it's a matter of capability, it's possible to catch up by spending more time. That way we can gain knowledge and wisdom so we can outpace our competitors."

"This is why speed is crucial. In this rapidly changing technological world acting swiftly provides our clients with the best value-added service."

Mr. Miyachi explains that DSK creates this corporate culture by setting examples.

"The managers of each of our business units act with the principles of challenge, innovation, and speed in their minds. With such managers as their role models all our employees strive to keep up with their examples."

In regard to the kind of talent that DSK is seeking Mr.Miyachi explains that "We're looking for talent with enthusiasm, communication skills, and learning ability.

"Enthusiasm is what drives us as human beings. People who are enthusiastic about what they do search proactively to change it in order to make it better. "

"Communication is crucial, even though the IT sector tends to neglect it. It's absolutely vital to communicate clearly both internally with each other in the company and externally with our clients. That's why we want talent with great communication skills."

"We also definitely look to find talent who have good learning ability, which means people who understand accurately and swiftly of what others say."

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